Multifamily Bridge Loans are heating up New York

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NYC 5aMultifamily Bridge Loans & New York City!

Multifamily bridge loans and equity investments are heating up in the tri-state region.  Addresses in New York City, Jersey and points in between are seeing some significant interest from bridge loan investors and equity players.  The markets in the region are heating up and gentrifying neighborhoods are benefiting from the inflow of entrepreneurial capital.

As evidenced by recent purchases of mixed use development in Queens, NY, large equity players and multifamily bridge loan providers are flocking to New York City.  This same trend is happening within an estimated 100 mile radius of New York City as well.  While some fear that politicians may not renew New York’s 421-a tax program and that non-renewal will cause a multifamily meltdown, others have no fear even if the decades old tax is not renewed.

The bottom-line for New York City and the surrounding communities is that an improving economy means that more people are back to work.  The need for affordable housing is greater than ever and that means that multifamily should be a great investment for some time into the future.  Equity investments and multifamily bridge loans are filling the capital void that was once filled by traditional banks and institutions.

Multifamily Bridge Loans and preferred equity investments are a staple of firms like Dividend America.  Platforms like DACL provides access to entrepreneurial capital that is not typically available to investors who do not have personal relationships with the traditional capital providers in the region.  Locating those platforms that provide needed equity and multifamily bridge loans is the key to the growing gentrification of stagnant and depressed markets that are poised for a rebound.  To find out more about opportunities in the greater NYC market and the sub-markets within 100 miles around New York City email

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