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Commercial Bridge Loans for distressed assets or funds for a quick close are available now. This commercial bridge loans fund specifically targets lending on commercial real estate assets in New York city, the five boroughs and throughout the State of New York. With commercial bridge loans funds available for office, light industrial and mixed use properties these funds can be used on distressed or stabilized properties and are for purchase or cash out refinance. Fill out our online Easy App to find out more!

Commercial Bridge Loans Program

Region:  New York City, the State of New York
Property Types:  Retail, Shopping Center, Office, Warehouse (Light Industrial)
Purpose:  The commercial bridge loans program is for the acquisition, rehabilitation/remodel and repositioning of distressed commercial real estate assets. The commercial bridge loans program can also be used for the refinance of distressed or stabilized assets to pull cash out for remodel and repositioning.  The commercial bridge loans may also be used for the acquisition of assets at auction or for a quick closing on the purchase of stabilized assets.  The commercial bridge loans funds are specialized and target the New York City, the State of New York and the North Eastern region of the United States.

Bridge Loan Details:
$5 million to $50 million
75% LTV/LTC – (Note:  Preferred Equity is available for co-invest in aggressively priced projects in NYC and the five boroughs.)
8-12% Interest Only
12-36 Months w/6-month extensions available
3-6 Points (points dependent upon risk factors, experience of sponsor and strength of the opportunity)
9 months minimum interest due

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