Bridge Loans in NYC!

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Bridge Loans in NYC are highly sought after by many debt investors in today’s commercial and multifamily real estate market. Bridge Loans for properties in New York City and the surrounding boroughs is a hot commodity. Real estate investors seeking funding to purchase building ins Queens and other up and coming areas are finding that they can get all the money they need for the rehab, interest reserve and purchase of the building.

While there are still no free rides and real estate investors still need some money down, bridge loans for NYC, the Jersey Shore and surrounding suburbs are easier to come by than they have been in many years. With rates that range from 10% to 12% many investors are taking down properties aggressively and building their portfolios.

Rumors abound of bridge loans in NYC in the 6-8% range, but they are a myth. Surely, the experienced and well healed investors with large portfolios and stellar track records can command those low rates on bridge loans in NYC, however, the majority investors will be pushed into the 10-12% rate range. This notwithstanding, the flexibility that even these higher rate bridge loans afford real estate investors to add quality assets to the portfolios is astounding.

Let us show you how fast we can get your next project funded. If you have commercial property within a 100 mile radius of New York City we can provide a bridge loan that will get your project closed and funded in as little as 2 weeks! Contact Michael Gross, President, Dividend America Commercial Lending by emailing your question or scenario to or calling direct at 404-549-6756.


Dividend America Commercial Lending is an origination, processing and pre-underwriting platform to non-traditional lenders, investors and banks. We assist our channel funding partner clients by providing specific deal flow into their pipelines, by increasing sponsorship and trade opportunity quality and by lowering bottom line costs typically associated with maintaining and staffing in-house origination and processing departments. We assist the sponsor/consumer of equity and lending products by providing direct access to entrepreneurial capital seeking to lend on or invest in projects from real estate to business opportunities. At Dividend America we provide lending solutions, not just loans!

Our clients include: Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, High Net Work Family Offices, Traditional and Non-Traditional Banks, Fund Managers, Insurance Conduits. and other entrepreneurial capital providers from Equity, Bridge and Mezzanine to Senior Secured Debt.

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