Bridge Loan Refinance – Rates as low as 2.99%

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USA Map - North EastBridge Loan Refinance for Cash Out or Cash Flow

Bridge Loan Refinance for cash out or cash flow are great strategies.  The beauty of having properties in around the great city of New York is that finding bridge loans and other types of loans is easier than many other ares of the United States.  Given this fact, it makes a lot of sense to aggressively pursue commercial real estate investments in New York and the surrounding markets.

Using refinance strategies that include cashing out a bridge loan for commercial real estate and multifamily assets that have been stabilized makes a lot of since, especially when rates are as low as they are these days.  Bridge loan refinance strategies can net the lowest rates when the refinance of the bridge loan is a straight rate and term refinance.  With rates in the high 2% to low 3% range, the monthly cash flow increase alone can feel like ‘cash out’ to the commercial real estate investor.

To find out how easy it is to refinance your New York commercial real estate or multifamily asset, contact the experts at Dividend America Commercial Lending.  Call Michael Gross, President, DACL Bridge Loan Refinance Strategy at 404-819-4511 or email  Dividend America, LLC is an origination, marketing, processing and pre-underwriting platform servicing non-traditional and non-bank lenders across the nation.

We are currently seeking both bridge loan and stabilized senior debt financing opportunities in New York, New York City, New Jersey, Newark, Jersey City, Philadelphia, Boston, New Haven, Stamford, Albany, Stamford, Providence and Trenton.

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